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selfie   Hello my name is Renetta Gunn-Stevens .  Welcome to A Second Look Blog.  This site was created with you in mind.  This blog is a requirement for my Mass Communication course at the College of DuPage (COD). I invite you and my classmates to join me in exploring and commenting on current events and trending topics internationally.  I have been a student at the school for awhile now and have an Associates degree to show for it.  The education, staff, and faculty are so engaging I convinced my daughter to register this year as well. I am currently enrolled in this class because I would like to understand and learn how to use social media to present content that is engaging and relevant.  My aspirations is to become an motivational speaker.  I am currently a member of Toast of TCS Toastmasters club.  When this course is over I expect three things.  First I would like to gain some friends or members to add to my personal learning network (PLN).  Secondly , the execution method of content presentation in a way that is comprehensible and captivating.  The last and third thing I expect to be equipped with is the appreciation of the value of my input, voice, and perception of social media.  How has your experience with COD been so far? Would you refer the school to your siblings or parents?


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